Metal Science and Heat Treatment

, Volume 25, Issue 10, pp 725–729 | Cite as

Structural transformation mechanisms during aging of copper-beryllium alloys

  • Kh. G. Tkhagapsoev


  1. 1.

    Isothermal aging of beryllium bronze BrB2 at 260–400°C is accompanied by structural transformations connected with decomposition of supersaturated α-solid solution.

  2. 2.

    Formation of γ′-phase nuclei (or regeneration of GP zones) and also their growth proceeds at the expense of cooperative-displacement processes characterized by low activation energy (19.7–26.3 J/mole) and significant relaxation time (τ⋟10−1−102 sec).



Activation Energy Relaxation Time Expense Beryllium Structural Transformation 


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