Journal of Applied Spectroscopy

, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp 438–441 | Cite as

Emissivity of CO2-H2O mixtures at temperatures up to 1000° K

  • E. S. Kuznetsova
  • M. V. Podkladenko


The emissivity ɛ in the 2.7 μm range is examined with a spectrometer having Δν≃25 cm−1 for 2.5,≤ ≤\(P_{H_2 O} l\),≤7.5 cm·atm,4≤\(P_{CO_2 } l\) ≤ 8cm·atm, 400≤T≤1000° K; 150≤P≤730 mm Hg. It is found that relation (1) is obeyed to within Δτ/τ≤0.1, though the calculated transmission is usually less than the measured value. It is shown that the relation is obeyed on account of the mutual position of the CO2 and H2O lines in the band, i.e., one gas may be considered as unselective relative to the other.


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  • E. S. Kuznetsova
  • M. V. Podkladenko

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