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Formation of magnetic texture in permanent magnets in the double-pole gap of an electromagnet

  • L. S. Larina
Precision Steels and Alloys


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    The unevenness of the field intensity observed in the gap of an electromagnet with flat polar terminals has almost no effect on the formation of texture; the curvature of the field in the gap along the edge of the polar terminals and beyond the terminals creates a curved texture in magnets, which lowers the remanence.

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    The redistribution of magnetic current in the gap due to the more rapid cooling of the outer layers of magnets weakens the magnetic current, and the curvature of the texture is greater in middle layers, which lowers their magnetic properties considerably.

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    In the zone of weak and curved magnetic field the outer layer of magnets is in the best position, since the process of high-coercivity decomposition is superposed on the ferromagnetic transformation due to their rapid cooling.



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