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Use of high-frequency-current hardening and surface plastic deformation to increase contact endurance

  • A. B. Balashev
  • T. E. Mechikyan
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    Resultant equations (3) and (4) can be used, with certain approximation (modeling by the \ldroller analogy\rd method), to compute allowable stresses for the design of steel 40Kh contact pairs, which are subjected to HFC hardening with low tempering and hardening rolling and which operate under rolling conditions with minor slippage.

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    For the tool, used in our study, we recommend that rolling be conducted in a single pass with the smallest axial longitudinal feed possible. When other generating rollers are used, it is necessary to select the load, considering that the optimum load in the present investigation was P=1200 N for which the maximum normal contact stress from the Hertz-Belyaev equations σe = (3P/2ab)(1/3) = 2600 MPa.

    On rolling with a single-roll device the number of passes can be increased.

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    The method used in the present study is recommended for the development of an optimum hardening regime for the rolling of components to ensure maximum fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, sensitivity to stress concentrators, etc.

    In these cases, other mathematical, models of the function Q should be devised for each specific case with allowance for specific features of the characteristic under investigation.

  4. 4.

    Hardness exerts the greatest influence on contact endurance, while internal stresses, and microgeometry are of secondary importance.



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  • T. E. Mechikyan

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