AXanthomonas maltophilia isolate tolerating up to 1% sodium azide in Tris/HCl buffer

  • J. J. Borowicz
  • S. Brishammar
  • B. Gerhardson
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A bacterium tolerating up to 1% NaN3 found as a contaminant of Sephadex colums being run with Tris/HCl buffer, was identified asXanthomonas maltophilia. It had low nutrient requirements, was strongly proteolytic and interfered with Sephadex columns run with Tris/HCl buffers.

Key words

Sodium azide tolerance Tris/HCl buffer Xanthomonas maltophilia 


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  • J. J. Borowicz
  • S. Brishammar
  • B. Gerhardson

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