Physical characterization of a glucose-dehydrogenase-bearing plasmid from ketoacid-producingErwinia herbicola

  • S. Koul
  • V. Verma
  • S. Johri
  • G. N. Qazi
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Erwinia herbicola (ATCC 21998), a facultative anaerobe, has two plasmids: pVQ1 and pVQ2. Curing with mitomycin C indicated that pVQ2 was cryptic but pVQ1, a 7.4-kb plasmid, bears a 4.3SacI fragment which strongly hybridized to the C-terminal region of the glucose dehydrogenase gene ofAcinetobacter calcoaceticus. A restriction map of plasmid pVQ1 is presented.

Key words

Digoxigenin labelling Erwinia herbicola glucose dehydrogenase hybridization plasmid 


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  • S. Koul
  • V. Verma
  • S. Johri
  • G. N. Qazi

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