Phytase production and decrease of phytic acid content in canola meal byAspergillus carbonarius in solid-state fermentation

  • S. Al-Asheh
  • Z. Duvnjak


Solid-state fermentation (SSF) usingAspergillus carbonarius with canola meal as a substrate showed that production of phytase was associated with growth; maximum activity was achieved after 72 h. Apparent 25% and 10% increases in the protein content of the canola meal were noticed after 48 h and 72 h, respectively but total carbohydrate concentration had fallen by 25% by the end of fermentation. The rate of decrease of phytic acid content was optimum with a moisture content between 53% and 60%; homogenization of the inoculum for 120 s led to the greatest biomass and lowest phytic acid content. Inoculation of sterile meal led to lower phytic acid contents than inoculation of non-sterile meal.

Key words

Aspergillus carbonarius canola meal phytase phytic acid solid-state fermentation 


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  • S. Al-Asheh
  • Z. Duvnjak

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