Metal Science and Heat Treatment

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Effect of differences in grain size on the mechanical properties of steel 18Kh2N4MA

  • A. P. Gulyaev
  • L. N. Serebrennikov
Structural Steels


A difference in grain sizes has a negative effect on the ductile characteristics of steel. The ductile characteristics (T50,ap) of the steel with differing grain sizes (grades 1 and 8) are slightly better than those of the coarse-grained steel (grade 1). A difference in grain size mainly lowers the resistance to ductile (ap) and brittle (T50) fracture. The strength characteristics (σb, σ0.2), hardness (HRC), and ductility (δ, Ψ) of the quenched and tempered steel do not depend greatly on the original austenite grain size. With ductile fracture the negative effect of a difference in grain size is more evident after high-temperature tempering. A difference in grain size has the same negative effect on the ductile-brittle transition temperature (resistance to brittle fracture) after tempering at both low and high temperatures.


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  • A. P. Gulyaev
  • L. N. Serebrennikov

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