Metal Science and Heat Treatment

, Volume 32, Issue 7, pp 520–527 | Cite as

Modification of metals and alloys by electron beam treatment (review)

  • I. L. Pobol'
Heat Treatment with Use of Highly Concentrated Energy Sources


Investigations of methods of surface treatment of metals and alloys by a concentrated electron stream are being ever more widely developed. Such action causes a significant change in the structure and properties of materials, which in turn causes a significant improvement in the service properties of the treated parts.

Electron beam treatment promotes obtaining of fundamental and practical information on phase and structural transformations in cooling at different rates of materials widely used at present in industry and those having promise of use in the near future. In a number of cases the action of an electron stream provides necessary and unexpected properties of materials.

Electron beam heating is used most widely for processes of refining of the surface of metal blanks, hardening of alloys from the liquid and solid states, surfacing and surface alloying, and treatment of previously applied coatings. Methods of amorphisation and shock hardening of thin surface layers are in the study stage.


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