Metal Science and Heat Treatment

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Low-carbon manganese carburizing steels

  • L. S. Malinov
  • L. I. Yakushechkina
  • E. L. Malinova
Constructional Steels


High-manganese low-carbon steels may be a new and promising class of carburizing steels. They do not contain expensive elements or those in short supply, are simple in production, and possess high strength properties and sufficient plasticity of the core. The obtaining in the case of metastable austenite which becomes harder during service opens new possibilities for increasing the life of machine parts.

The principle of obtaining metastable austenite in the case may be broadened with the use of other methods of chemicothermal treatment such as nitriding, chromizing, etc. Subsequent treatment (hardening, tempering, plastic deformation) must be directed toward regulating the quantity of austenite, the degree of its hardening, and its stability in relation to the specific part service conditions.


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  • L. S. Malinov
  • L. I. Yakushechkina
  • E. L. Malinova

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