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Thermoluminescence of YAG:Nd crystals coloured with x-rays

  • A. Niklas
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The spectral distribution of the thermoluminescence (TL) of YAG:Nd crystals coloured by x-ray irradiation at room temperature (RT) and at 80 K has been investigated. The spectral distribution of TL in the uv-, visible and near ir ranges shows that the energy transfer by bound exciton states (BES) to the RE3+ ions (Nd3+ and Tb3+) decreases with increasing temperature. The TL spectrum in the uv range is ascribed to the hole defect centers. Diminution of the energy transferred by the BES to the Nd3+ and Tb3+ ions is the direct cause for the occurrence of the group of lines ascribed to the Nd3+ ions in TL observed at LT, whereas at RT and higher only the groups of Tb lines are observed.


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  • A. Niklas
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  1. 1.Physics Institute, Teacher's AcademyOpolePoland

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