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Ultrastructural aspects of myogenesis found in neoplasms

  • F. P. Prince
Short Original Communications


The ultrastructure of myogenic cells occurring in neoplasms was investigated and aspects of differentiation (myofilament interactions and organization, and sarcotubular development) were characterized. The stages of muscle differentiation present were extremely similar to those reported during human fetal development prior to innervation. Exceptions, however, being: (1) the presence of fewer multinucleated cells; (2) the general lack of cell elongation and its apparent effect on myofibril orientation; and (3) evidence of a higher number of myofilaments in mononucleated cells. The findings were compared to those reported in normal human fetal development, human myogenic cells in vitro and the literature on mammalian and avian muscle development and discussed with regard to the influence of tension and innervation. The significance of degenerating myogenic cells found in these neoplasms is also discussed.

Key words

Myogenesis Neoplasms Ultrastructure 


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  • F. P. Prince
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  1. 1.Dept. of PathologyChildren's HospitalColumbusUSA

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