Metal Science and Heat Treatment

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Thermoplastic working with cyclic phase recrystallizations during production of plate steel

  • M. E. Smagorinskii
Heat Treatment Technology


The cycles of repeated plastic working with cyclic phase recrystallization developed make it possible to form from the rolling heat the optimum structure and properties in plates in the stage of imparting to the plate the necessary shape and dimensions, that is, directly in the hot rolling process.

The use of the method developed on 5000, 3600, and 3000 rolling mills in production of 16.2–100 mm thick plate and skelp of St3, 09G2S, 10KhSND, 09G2BT, and other steels has made it possible to obtain a high combination of mechanical properties and characteristics of fracture toughness. In the majority of cases, the level of these properties is higher than or comparable to the properties of steels after heat treatment.

A resource-saving high-production method of thermal cycling from the rolling heat of heavy strip and plates (immediately upon completion of the rolling process) using the heat accumulated in the material with a length of 7–10 min has been developed and introduced. The level of properties obtained corresponds to the condition of the metal after heat treatment (hardening + tempering) and completely meets GOST 5520-73.


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