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Ultrastructural cytochemistry of glycoconjugates in basophils from humans and animals

  • H. Sakakibara
  • M. Eguchi


The distribution of glycoconjugates in the basophil granules of humans, guinea pigs, and rabbits was compared. The observation of acid mucopolysaccharides using the dialyzed iron method and of sulfated glycoconjugates using the high iron diamine method revealed three types of reactions in the basophil granules of all three species: (1) granules showing a strong overall reaction, (2) granules showing reaction only at their periphery, and (3) granules showing no reaction. With regard to the relationship between maturation and the types of basophil granules, it appeared that, in general, there were many type-1 granules among immature basophils, but that these granules decreased in mature basophils as type-3 granules increased. The reaction patterns of periodate-reactive neutral glycoconjugates, as shown by the periodic acid-thiocarbohydrazide-silver proteinate (PA-TCH-SP) method, were different from those of acid mucopolysaccharides: the reaction of basophil granules was diffusely positive, and localization at the periphery was rarely observed. Therefore, unlike the acid mucopolysaccharides, it was difficult to classify the glycoconjugates into three types. However, as with acid mucopolysaccharides, there was a tendency for periodate-reactive glycoconjugates to decrease as maturation progressed. In terms of different species of animals, the reaction of periodate-reactive glycoconjugates with PA-TCH-SP was stronger in humans and rabbits than in guinea pigs.


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  • H. Sakakibara
    • 1
  • M. Eguchi
    • 1
  1. 1.The Second Department of PediatricsDokkyo University School of MedicineMibu-machi, TochigiJapan

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