Metal Science and Heat Treatment

, Volume 12, Issue 6, pp 455–457 | Cite as

High-temperature nitriding of steel 1Kh12VNMF

  • Yu. M. Lakhtin
  • I. P. Fetisova
Chemicothermal Treatment


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    Steel 1Kh12VNMF of the ferritic—martensitic class can be nitrided at 680–1000°. The optimal treatment, ensuring high properties of the core and the case, consists of combining nitriding with tempering at 680°. This treatment produces a case of high hardness (HV 800), which increases the wear resistance. The strength of adhesion of the nitrided case to the core is fairly high.

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    Nitriding of steel 1Kh12VNMF substantially increases its heat resistance; the mechanical properties are quite stable.



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  • I. P. Fetisova

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