Metal Science and Heat Treatment

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The technological properties of molten slag an-ShT2

  • E. A. Smol'nikov
  • L. M. Sarmanova
Heat Treatment Technology


Heating in molten slag AN-ShT2 with no iron oxide at 780–880°C has the following advantages as compared with heating in molten chlorides: decarburizing and corrosion of the parts is prevented, and distortion due to quenching is substantially reduced; cold and wet parts can be placed in the bath without danger of spatter from the hot slag.

Certain disadvantages of slag AN-ShT2 as an agent for heating parts should also be noted. The high viscosity and low fluidity increase the carryout as compared with molten salts; the heating rate in the slag bath, and consequently its throughput, is lower. The intensity of the attack of slag AN-ShT2 on refractory materials excludes its use in electrode baths with refractory linings. Since iron oxide sharply impairs the properties of the slag, the crucibles, thermocouple jackets, quenching apparatus, and molds for pouring off the slag must be manufactured from heat resistant steel. The molten slag has a narrower range of operating temperatures (780–880°C) than the chlorides used in medium-temperature salt baths (700–950°C).


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  • L. M. Sarmanova

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