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On limiting field strengths in gravitation


We consider through the equivalence principle the existence of maximal and minimal field strengths in gravitation. We explore the consequences for gravitational collapse and for explaining the rotation curve of galaxies without invoking dark matter. Other interesting implications like maximal size of planetary systems are outlined.

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1. Note that, in our case, such results, both for electromagnetic and gravitational fields, are obtained when torsion is considered [8]: In fact, we have arrived at a minimum radius, for instance, of the electron, starting explicitly frm a modified Poisson's equation when a term containing the spin is incorporated through torsion.

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de Sabbata, V., Sivaram, C. On limiting field strengths in gravitation. Found Phys Lett 6, 561–570 (1993).

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Key words

  • equivalence principle
  • acceleration
  • gravitation
  • field strengths
  • torsion