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Construction of a neoclitoris in the surgery of male transsexuals

  • L. V. Szalay


To preserve the ability of male transsexuals who have been operated on to have orgasms, the glans penis and the corpus cavernosum urethrae are retained as a unit. The main vessels of the glans penis, the dorsal artery and vein of the penis running in the deep fascia of the penis are utilized as the neurovascular pedicle. The glans penis is placed into the anterior wall of the neovagina under the symphysis as the neoclitoris.

Key words

Glans penis Neoclitoris Transsexualism 


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  • L. V. Szalay
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  1. 1.Frankfurter Clinic for Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryFrankfurtFRG

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