Metal Science and Heat Treatment

, Volume 8, Issue 6, pp 485–487 | Cite as

Strengthening of silicon Monel

  • N. F. Lashko
  • K. P. Sorokina
  • A. N. Gorbunov
Precision Alloys


In silicon Monel (S-Monel) the (Ni, Fe)3Si strengthening phase is formed. This phase is precipitated at a high rate from the solid solution during cooling in air from 1000–700°C and the alloy is considerably strengthened as the result. The alloy is additionally strengthened during aging at 600–650°C.


Silicon Solid Solution Strengthen Phase 
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  • N. F. Lashko
  • K. P. Sorokina
  • A. N. Gorbunov

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