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The role of the Hermanus Magnetic Observatory in geomagnetic field research

  • Peter R. Sutcliffe


Geomagnetic field research carried out at the Hermanus Magnetic Observatory over the past decade is reviewed. An important aspect of this research has been the study of geomagnetic field variations, with particular emphasis on ULF geomagnetic pulsations. Features of geomagnetic pulsations which are unique to low latitude locations have been investigated, such as the cavity mode nature of low latitude Pi 2 pulsations and the role played by ionosphericO+ ions in the field line resonances responsible for Pc 3 pulsations. A theoretical model has been developed which is able to account for the observed relationships between geomagnetic pulsations and oscillations in the frequency of HF radio waves traversing ionospheric paths. Other facets of the research have been geomagnetic field modelling, aimed at improving the accuracy and resolution of regional geomagnetic field models, and the development of improved geomagnetic activity indices.

Key words

Geophysics geomagnetic field 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Peter R. Sutcliffe
    • 1
  1. 1.Hermanus Magnetic ObservatoryCSIRHermanusSouth Africa

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