The role of acid phosphatase activity during enzymic dephosphorylation of phytates byAspergillus niger phytase

  • K. Żyta
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Acid phosphatase present in preparations ofAspergillus niger phytase accelerated dephosphorylation of sodium phytate. Its influence on the reaction rate and distribution ofmyo-inositol phosphates was most apparent at low pH value (2.5) and when acid-hydrolysed substrate was de-esterified enzymatically. With partly purified phytase, the predominant inositol form was tetraphosphate but a preparation having acid phosphatase activity caused an even distribution of lower inositol phosphates after a few hours.

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Acid phosphatase Aspergillus niger inositol phosphates phytase phytates 


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  • K. Żyta
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  1. 1.Department of Food BiotechnologyUniversity of AgricultureKrakówPoland

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