Journal of Applied Spectroscopy

, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp 35–39 | Cite as

Spectral distribution of the relative and absolute luminescence quantum yield of some organic luminophors

  • Z. L. Morgenshtern
  • V. B. Neustruev
  • M. I. Epshtein


The dependence of the relative luminescence quantum yield on the wavelength of the exciting light has been measured for seven substances in the region from 158 nm to the longwave decrease. The absolute quantum yield has also been measured for exciting wavelengths of 254 and 313 nm by two different methods. Measurements were made on easily reproducible, infinitely thick layers; reabsorption was not taken into account. Sodium salicylate, Lumogen no. 2 and Lumogen Red 640 had the most stable quantum yield and the highest light resistance; they should be considered most suitable for use as standards in luminescence work.


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  • Z. L. Morgenshtern
  • V. B. Neustruev
  • M. I. Epshtein

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