Journal of Applied Spectroscopy

, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp 30–34 | Cite as

Vibrational spectra of crystalline potassium ferri- and ferrocyanide

  • Yu. A. Klyuev


The IR spectra of the crystalline salts K3[Fe(CN)6] (I) and K4[Fe(CN)6] (II) have been studied in the 1600–5000 cm−1 range for the purpose of investigating the spectral difference in the valence states of the central atoms of the complex anions. The appearance of the doublet structure of thev6 band in the spectrum of salt II is due to distortion of its anion to D4h symmetry. The vibrational spectra of both salts are interpreted.


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  • Yu. A. Klyuev

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