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The hard X-ray transient 4U 0115+63 in quiescence

  • S. Campana


We review the properties of the hard transient 4U 0115+63 in outburst as well as during quiescence. 4U 0115+63 is one of the few sources in which a sharp decrease of the X-ray flux at the end of an outburst has been observed, testifying to the action of the centrifugal barrier. Here we discuss explicitly the available upper limit on the X-ray luminosity during the quiescent phase to suggest that 4U 0115+63 is likely in the “propeller” regime.


Sharp Decrease Centrifugal Barrier Quiescent Phase 
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  • S. Campana
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  1. 1.Osservatorio Astronomico di BreraMerate (Lc)Italy

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