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The influence of asymmetry in drop shape on an interfacial tension measurement

  • Y. Hayami
Original Contribution


A requirement of the drop method for interfacial tension measurement is that the drop must have an axi-symmetry. The drop shape was measured as a function of the angle of the rod from which the drop was hanging. The deviation of the interfacial tension caused by asymmetry was calculated using the selected plane method in the pendant drop technique. A sharp maximum was seen in the interfacial tension vs angle curve when the rod was at the vertical point. The maximum value was concluded as being the true value of the interfacial tension. Both decreases in the pressure difference and in the curvature of the drop associated with an increase in the rod-angle are a counterpart with each other to satisfy the Bashforth and Adams equation. The underestimation of the interfacial tension seems to be caused by the apparent inconsistency between the decreases in the curvature and pressure difference terms. The rigorous mechanical setup demonstrated here is necessary to attain the true axi-symmetric condition, and thus obtain a reliable value for the interfacial tension.

Key words

Asymmetry of drop shape pendant drop measurement selected plane method interfacial tension three-phase contact line 


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  • Y. Hayami
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Home EconomicsChikushi Jogakuen Junior CollegeDazaifu FukuokaJapan

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