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Weldability of aluminum alloy 01420

  • G. E. Kainova
  • T. I. Malinkina
Nonferrous Metals and Alloys


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    Alloy 01420 can be used for manufacturing welded structures. When welded in the thermally hardened condition the strength of the welded joints is about 80% that of the base metal. When quenched and aged after welding the strength of the welded joints is 92–100% that of the base metal.

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    The reason for porosities in the weld seams of the 01420 alloy is the surface film formed in heating at temperatures above 420°C. To eliminate porosity the surface layer must be removed to a depth of 0.05 mm before welding by etching the pieces in a solution of 100–110 g/liter NaOH at 60–70°C for 10–15 min.



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  • G. E. Kainova
  • T. I. Malinkina

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