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The Australian radio-telescope

  • B. J. Robinson
Section 1: A View of Asian-Pacific Astronomy


A large synthesis radio telescope is under construction in Australia at a cost of $A 30.7million. In comprises a 6 km-long ‘compact array’ of 22 m antenna at Culgoora and a ‘long baseline array’ of 319 km, achieved by adding another 22 m antenna near Coonabarabran and the existing 64 m antennae at Parkes. On occasion it will be possible to use this arry with one of the deep space network antennas at Tidbinbilla to achieve a baseline of 580 km.

The arrays have been designed to provide high-resolution radio images over a wide field with high-dynamic range plus good polarization and spectral line performance. The operating frequency range is from about 327 MHz to over 50 GHz.


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