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The reflection effect in eclipsing binary systems

  • Luiz Paulo R. Vaz


The weakest point in the modern models of eclipsing binary systems (EBS) is the treatment given to the effects of mutual irradiation. In this review, which does not have a similar one in the literature, I tried to collect all the work done on the irradiation problem until the middle of 1984, in order to make possible an evaluation of the present status of problem. Special emphasis is given to the applicability of the results to the analysis of EBS. The treatment given to the effect by the early studies as well as by practically all the modern models of EBS is described, and special attention is given to works analysing the problem using stellar model atmospheres. It turns out that the effect is more complex than suspected earlier, but that significant progress has been made recently.


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  • Luiz Paulo R. Vaz
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  1. 1.Copenhagen University ObservatoryCopenhagenDenmark
  2. 2.Depto. de FísicaObservatório Astronômico da Serra da PiedadeBelo HorizonteBrazil

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