Metal Science and Heat Treatment

, Volume 10, Issue 5, pp 361–364 | Cite as

Decomposition of δ-ferrite during tempering of steels 08Kh19N9F2S2 and 0Kh20N11M3BT (ÉP89)

  • I. Ya. Sokol
  • Ya. L. Frid
Stainless Steels


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    It was established that the basic scheme of the decomposition of δ-ferrite during tempering of austenitic-ferritic steels is δ→M23C6+δ; δ→γ′+δ; δ→σ+γ″. Depending on the composition of the steel and the heat treatment, any of the three phases may be formed first — M23C6, γ′, or σ.

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    Because of the high rate of embrittlement of steel 0Kh20N11M3BT (particularly cold-worked), slow heating and cooling in the temperature range where σ-phase is formed must be avoided during heat treatment.



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  • I. Ya. Sokol
  • Ya. L. Frid

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