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Absolute stellar photometry in the region 1900–3000 Å

  • J. W. Campbell


Twin channel stellar photometers were flown in two sounding rockets in May 1967 and produced a number of absolute photoelectric measurements in the region 2000–3000 Å.

The observations were made at wavelengths centred on 2150 Å and 2550 Å with passbands of 300 Å on 28 early-type stars in the range of spectral types B0-B9.5 down to a limiting visual magnitude of 4.8.

A comparison of the experimental data with other observations and with the theoretically derived fluxes of Mihalas for unblanketed models, indicates a satisfactory agreement within the limits of the known photometric accuracies, although there are significant departures for those stars exhibiting emission characteristics and for the magnetic variable α2 Canum Venaticorum.


Experimental Data Satisfactory Agreement Emission Characteristic Spectral Type Visual Magnitude 
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  • J. W. Campbell
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  1. 1.Space Research DivisionRoyal Observatory EdinburghScotland

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