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Effects of the external temperature-dependent heat sources on the unsteady free convective and mass-transfer hydromagnetic flow in the stokes problem

  • N. D. Nanousis
Letters to the Editor


There have been considered the effects of external temperature-dependent heat sources and mass transfer on free convection flow of an electrically conducting viscous fluid past an impulsively starting infinite vertical limited surface in presence of a transverse magnetic field as considered. Solutions for the velocity and skin-friction, in closed form are obtained by using the Laplace transform technique and the results obtained for various values of the parametersSc (Schmidt number),M (Hartmann number), andS (Strength a Source or Sink) are given in graphical form. The paper is concluded with a discussion on the obtained results.


Magnetic Field Convection Mass Transfer Heat Source Limited Surface 


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  • N. D. Nanousis
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  1. 1.Technological Education InstitutePatrasGreece

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