Metal Science and Heat Treatment

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Increasing the durability of inductors

  • V. S. Sassa
  • A. L. Naidin
Heat Treatment Apparatus


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    One-piece casting of inductor coils in heat-resisting concrete increases the durability of the lining 600–700%, simplifies the construction of the inductor, and increases the rigidity of the apparatus, which makes it possible to eliminate vibrations of inductors operating on low-frequency current.

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    The electrical insulating properties of the heat-resisting concrete when dry, eliminates the need for insulating inductors that are coated with lacquer and encased in concrete. The concrete shell increases the durability of the electrical insulation, since it protects it against mechanical damage and the penetration of current-carrying dust.

  3. 3.

    For monolithic casting of inductor coils in heat-resisting concrete we recommend sodium silicate concrete with finely ground magnesite, sodium fluosilicate, and fireclay filler, which has a high compressive strength (at least 200 kg/cm2) after drying and high termal resistance up to 1300°C. The concrete has good adhesive properties, which ensures easy repairs of the lining.

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    Calculations indicate that monolithic casting of inductors in heat-resisting concrete will lead to substantial savings.



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