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Surface photometry of theHii regions S254–S257

  • S. Mizuno


The surface photometry of S254–S257 has been carried out by means of a wide range image processing technique in the reduction system. The photographic plates in the Hα+[NII] andV-bands are taken with the Schmidt telescope. Especially, we have obtained the calibrated map of theHii region, superposing two or more plates with different exposure times, and removing the star images. Three kinds of calibrated maps of theHii regions are drawn: (1)E-map in the (Hα+[NII]+continuum) (2)V-map in the continuum atV-band, (3)(E-V)-map in the (Hα+[NII]) line emission. The intensity profiles across the nebular centers were also obtained. Based on calibrated maps, the morphological structure and mass distribution of S255 and S257 are discussed. The location of observed nebulae on the (mmv) diagram, wherem andmv denote the surface brightness, expressed in the magnitude per square arcmin, is shown together with that of some other nebulae. Some arguements on the age sequence of observedHii regions are presented.


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  • S. Mizuno
    • 1
  1. 1.Kanazawa Institute of TechnologyKanazawaJapan

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