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Conveyor-type quenching and tempering installations

  • V. I. Fillppov
Automation and Mechanization


The output of the new conveyor-type quenching-tempering aggregates is 80–2400 kg/hr. Electric furnaces for hardening, high and low tempering—a total of nine models and sizes, have been developed; tanks for oil quenching (siz model-sizes) and quenching (five), as well as washing machines (four) were designed.

The capacity-increase factor of successive aggregates is about 1.5, based on increasing useful bottom areas of the hardening furnaces, taking in account maximum standardization and interchangeability of design elements and parts in all the installations.

The large number of model-sizes of conveyor aggregates was decided upon taking in account the expected industrial development and future demand for larger conveyor-type installations for quenching and tempering.

At present only two model-series of electric furnaces (one of them for low tempering), three quenching tanks and one washing machine have been designed. Working drawings for aggregates of the remaining model sizes will be prepared as orders come in.

The savings achieved by using units of the new series amount, on the average, to about 300,000 rub. per annum. Larger economies could be obtained by using larger units.

Suggestions and comments should be addressed to: Moscow, Zh-52, Nizhegorodskaya, 33, OKB.


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