Astrophysics and Space Science

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Dynamical evolution in clusters of galaxies with low-frequency radio emission

  • B. N. G. Guthrie


Clusters of galaxies in which radio emission at low frequencies (≤178 MHz) has been detected were classified on the Bautz-Morgan (BM) system according to the dominance of the brightest galaxy. Radio sources with steep low-frequency spectra occur in clusters of all BM types but more often in rich clusters; the distributions of BM types for clusters with high and low spectral indices between 38 and 178 MHz are similar. Glass copies of Mount Palomar Sky Survey plates were measured to determine the distribution of the ten brightest galaxies in clusters without dominant galaxies. Some clusters were found to have central cores of bright galaxies which may reflect mass segregation of galaxies due to dynamical friction. The bright galaxies in such cores may later merge to form dominant cD galaxies. The positions of the cD galaxies and cores of bright galaxies are often at projected distances <200 kpc from the low-frequency radio emission. The low-frequency spectrum of radio emission associated with a cD galaxy may be either steep or normal, but the low-frequency spectrum from a core of bright galaxies is usually steep. A steep spectrum may develop when a radio source is confined by hot gas in a cluster over a long period (≳109 yr). Confinement would probably occur for radio sources associated with bright galaxies in the cores of clusters and cD galaxies in clusters. However, cD galaxies may have recurrent radio outbursts so that steep spectra are not always observed.


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