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An analysis of close binaries (CB) based on photometric measurements

IX. An analysis of differential rotation and spot motion in RS CV n close binaries
  • Gojko Djurašević


The subject of the paper is the problem of stellar differntial rotation in close binaries (CB) ofRS CV n type. The differential-rotation parameters we find on the basis of the migration of the depression in the light curves caused by the spot effect over the orbital phase. For that purpose, a simple model (Bussoet al., 1985) and inverse-problem procedure, based on the Marquardt (1963) algorithm, are used. To verify the obtained solutions, the SIMPLEX algorithm (Torczon, 1991) is applied, suitable for the nonlinear parameter optimisation. This algorithm enables a correct solution of the nonlinear equation system describing the differential rotation. The procedure is applied in the determination of the parameters of differential rotation forCV Cam, VV Mon andSS Boo binaries.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Gojko Djurašević
    • 1
  1. 1.Astronomical ObservatoryBelgradeYugoslavia

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