Astrophysics and Space Science

, Volume 235, Issue 2, pp 269–287 | Cite as

The yield of ionization in critical ionization velocity space experiments

  • Shu T. Lai
  • William J. Mcneil
  • Edmond Murad


We compare the conditions in laboratory and space critical ionization velocity (CIV) experiments. One significant difference that comes to light is the rapid expansion of the neutral cloud in space experiments, which does not take place in the laboratory. This has important ramifications for the ultimate ionization yield if there is a time delay in the ignition of the CIV discharge. We find that a simple kinetic model implies that the delay time of CIV ignition is a critical factor in determining the ultimate yield of the experiment. Although the delay time is difficult to calculate precisely, we provide some estimates that predict low CIV yield for typical space experimental geometries, densities and expansion rates. We examine the possibility of the variation of experimental conditions to maximize yield, but find that natural limitations in the design of space experiments may lead to low yields in the best of circumstances. This implies that experiments to date neither prove nor disprove the relevance of the CIV process to cosmology.


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  • Shu T. Lai
    • 1
  • William J. Mcneil
    • 2
  • Edmond Murad
    • 3
  1. 1.Phillips LaboratoryHanscom AFB
  2. 2.Radex, Inc.Bedford
  3. 3.Phillips LaboratoryHanscom AFB

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