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Der offene sternhaufen NGC 6067

  • Werner Lohmann


The open star cluster NGC 6067 was investigated by the strip method on charts of photographs with different exposure times taken with the 1-m Schmidt telescope of the European Southern Observatory. Because of the large distance (1820 pc) of the cluster its luminosity function is known up to date only betweenM v =−4.5 andM v =+1.5. In this paper it is continued toM v =4.4 and further extrapolated by means of 2 variants. The cluster contains 419 respectively 476 stars with total masses of 1453 resp. 1483. On account of its radius of 5.9 pc the cluster is a rather extended object, which can be described by the generalized density law of Schuster withn=4.42 and the central star density 8.9 stars pc−3. The mean velocity of the stars amounts to 1.03 km s−1, the massbrightness relation is 0.031 in solar units.


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  • Werner Lohmann
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  1. 1.Astronomisches Rechen-InstitutHeidelbergBundesrepublik Deutschland

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