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On the evolution of central stars of planetary nebulae

  • Raphael Z. Yahel


The evolution of nuclei of planetary nebulae has been calculated from the end of the ejection stage that produces the nebulae to the white, dwarf stage. The structure of the central star is in agreement with the general picture of Finzi (1973) about the mass ejection from the progenitors of planetary nebulae. It has been found that in order to obtain evolutionary track consistent with the Harman-Seaton track (O'Dell, 1968) one has to assume that the masses of the nuclei stars are less than ∼0.7M. The calculated evolutionary time scale of the central stars of planetary nebulae is ∼2×104 yr. This time scale is negatively correlated with the stellar mass: the heavier the stellar mass, the shorter the evolutionary time scale.


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  • Raphael Z. Yahel
    • 1
  1. 1.Theoretical Physics Department, Racah Institute of PhysicsThe Hebrew University of JerusalemIsrael

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