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Effect of primary and repeated use of dialyzers with different membranes on the degree of dialysis-induced leukopenia

  • A. G. Strokov
  • L. B. Baeva
  • E. R. Levitskii
Research, Design, And Technology


1. DIP-03-02 dialyzers, made on the basis of Soviet polysulfone, induce a much milder leukopenia in the course of hemodialysis than dialyzers equipped with conventional cellulose membranes.

2. During repeated use of the dialyzers the level of leukopenia falls and becomes virtually constant for dialyzers whose membranes are made from different materials.

3. The reduction of the degree of leukopenia and corresponding increase in biocompatibility during repeated use of dialyzers are due to the presence of a protein layer, covering the membrane in the course of hemodialysis, and remaining despite subsequent washing. After removal of the protein layer from the membrane surface, the level of leukopenia reverts to the original values.


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  • A. G. Strokov
  • L. B. Baeva
  • E. R. Levitskii

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