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, Volume 25, Issue 5, pp 2389–2393 | Cite as

The thermal behaviour of copper diphosphates made by wet process

  • Makoto Watanabe
  • Shigeru Onoda


Copper diphosphates (Cu2P2O7 · 5H2O, Cu1.6K0.8P2O7 · 1.7H2O, and Cu1.5K1.0P2O7 · 2.8H2O) were made by mixing aqueous solutions of tetrapotassium diphosphate and copper dichloride. When the diphosphates were heated, the decomposition of the diphosphates to orthophosphate was observed at a temperature lower than 150° C. The orthophosphate was polymerized by condensation to polyphosphates in the temperature range of about 150 to 450° C. The polyphosphates reorganized to diphosphate at 450 to 550° C according to the following reaction:
$${\text{MO}} - \mathop {\text{P}}\limits_{\mathop {\text{|}}\limits_{\mathop {\text{O}}\limits_{\text{M}} } }^{\mathop {{\text{||}}}\limits^{\text{O}} } - {\text{O}} - (\mathop {\text{P}}\limits_{\mathop {\text{|}}\limits_{\mathop {\text{O}}\limits_{\text{M}} } }^{\mathop {{\text{||}}}\limits^{\text{O}} } - {\text{O}}) - \mathop {\text{P}}\limits_{\mathop {\text{|}}\limits_{\mathop {\text{O}}\limits_{\text{M}} } }^{\mathop {{\text{||}}}\limits^{\text{O}} } - {\text{OM + }}n{\text{MO}} - \mathop {\text{P}}\limits_{\mathop {\text{|}}\limits_{\mathop {\text{O}}\limits_{\text{M}} } }^{\mathop {{\text{||}}}\limits^{\text{O}} } - {\text{OM}} \to {\text{(}}n + 1){\text{ MO}} - \mathop {\text{P}}\limits_{\mathop {\text{|}}\limits_{\mathop {\text{O}}\limits_{\text{M}} } }^{\mathop {{\text{||}}}\limits^{\text{O}} } - {\text{O}} - \mathop {\text{P}}\limits_{\mathop {\text{|}}\limits_{\mathop {\text{O}}\limits_{\text{M}} } }^{\mathop {{\text{||}}}\limits^{\text{O}} } - {\text{OM}}$$
where M stands for 1/2 copper and/or potassium.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Makoto Watanabe
    • 1
  • Shigeru Onoda
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Industrial ChemistryChubu UniversityAichiJapan

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