Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 27, Issue 4, pp 471–474 | Cite as

Alkaloids of Peganum harmala. Unusual reaction of peganine and vasicinone

  • M. V. Telezhenetskaya
  • A. L. D'yakonov


A number of derivatives of peganine and vasicinone have been obtained: 4-hydroxy-9-O-methylpeganine, isodihydrovasicinone, and 9-methoxy-, 9-phenoxy-, and 9,9-dichlorodeoxyvasicinones. An unusual ease of reduction of vasicinone and of 9-chlorodeoxyvasicinone has been found. An introduction of a hydroxy group into position 4 of a dihydroquinazoline alkaloid with the aid of sodium hydride has been detected.


BuOH Sodium Hydride Mother Solution Solasodine Antimony Trichloride 


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  • M. V. Telezhenetskaya
  • A. L. D'yakonov

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