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Effects of tranylcypromine stereoisomers, clorgyline and deprenyl on open field activity during long term lithium administration in rats

  • Donald F. Smith
Animal Studies Original Investigations


Locomotor activity of male rats was stutied in an open field after an i.p. injection (15 mg/kg) of thed- orl-isomers of tranylcypromine (d-Tc andl-Tc, respectively) or after s.c. injection of either clorgyline (0.5, 1 or 5 mg/kg) which selectively inhibits Type A MAO or deprenyl (0.5, 5 or 10 mg/kg) which selectively inhibits Type B MAO. The rats were fed a diet containing either no lithium (control group) or lithium chloride (lithium group) for at least 28 days prior to tests. In the control group,d-Tc increased ambulation whilel-Tc, deprenyl and clorgyline failed to affect activity. In the lithium group,d-Tc and deprenyl increased ambulation,l-Tc increased ambulation and rearing, while clorgyline failed to affect activity. Lithium appeared to potentiate the behavioral effects of deprenyl andl-Tc. Symptoms of serotonin-dependent hyperactivity appeared in the control group and lithium group givend-Tc. The role of biogenic amines in the effects of the drugs on open field activity is discussed.

Key words

Activity Lithium Tranylcypromine stereoisomers Selective MAO inhibitors Deprenyl Clorgyline Open field 


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  • Donald F. Smith
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  1. 1.Psychopharmacology Research UnitPsychiatric HospitalRisskovDenmark

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