Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 22, Issue 6, pp 403–406 | Cite as

Application of the turbidimetric titration method to study the molecular-weight distribution of sulfite cellulose in acetylation

  • Kh. N. Musaev
  • G. M. Kozin
  • G. V. Nikonovich
Chemistry And Technology Of Man-Made Fibres


-- It is recommended to the central plant laboratories of man-made fibres to use the method of turbidimetric titration to determine the molecular-weight distribution of sulfite cellulose in the process of working it up.

-- A rapid method has been developed for determining a molecular-weight distribution of sulfite cellulose for acetylation using a selective solvent—precipitant system.


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  • Kh. N. Musaev
  • G. M. Kozin
  • G. V. Nikonovich

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