Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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Lipids of the leaf vegetables Spinacea oleracea, Latuca sativa, and Rumex acetosa

  • L. N. Pilipenko
  • A. A. Kolesnik


The class compositions of the lipids of leaf vegetables —Spinacea oleracea (variety Ispolinskii),Latuca sativa (variety Kucheryavets Odesskii), andRumex acetosa (variety Odesskii-17) have been studied. The compositions of their NLs (17 groups of individual compounds were identified), GLs (nine groups of compounds were found), and PhLs (seven groups of compounds have been found) have been determined by physicochemical methods of analysis. The maximum amount of the total lipids and also of the PhLs was possessed by the spinach. Among the FAs of the leaf vegetables, USFAs predominated.


Lipid Organic Chemistry Total Lipid Maximum Amount Individual Compound 
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  • L. N. Pilipenko
  • A. A. Kolesnik

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