Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 29, Issue 2, pp 151–153 | Cite as

Polysaccharides of saponin-bearing plants. IV. Structure of glucans A, B, and C of Biebersteinia multifida

  • A. O. Arifkhodzhaev
  • D. A. Rakhimov


The neutral polysaccharides of the tuberous roots ofBiebersteinia multifida consist of three weakly branched glucans, A, B, and C. It has been established by periodate and chromic acid oxidation, methylation, and mass spectrometry that in the chains of glucans A, B, and C the monosaccharides are linked to one another by α-1 → 6 bonds and there is branching at the C-3 atoms of the glucopyranose residues.


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  • A. O. Arifkhodzhaev
  • D. A. Rakhimov

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