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Almost-contact semidetached EP Cep in NGC 188

  • M. T. Edalati


The photomectic observations of EP Cep, from Kaluzny and shara (1987), were analyzed by the Wilson and Devinney method. The appropriate value of the mass ratio of this system was found after extensive searches. EP Cep has a semi-detached configuration where the lower-mass component is in contact with its respective Roche surface. The higher-mass component very nearly fills its Roche lobe. It is very close to being a critical configuration. The mass ratio of the system is about 1.292 and the inclination is 66 . ° 942. EP Cep has the characteristic of a W-type WUMa system. The absolute dimensions for the primary and secondary of this system were calculated from its spectral types and by combining the photometric solution with inferred component radial velocities (Baliunas and Guinan, 1985).


Radial Velocity Spectral Type Extensive Search Roche Lobe Component Radial Velocity 
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  • M. T. Edalati
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Physics, School of SciencesUniversity of FerdowsiMashhadIran

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