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Statistics on the symmetric magnetic fields in spiral galaxies

  • J. P. Vallée


There is an ongoing search for the agent(s) capable of triggering, catalysing, or indicating the shape of the global magnetism in a spiral galaxy, e.g., the azimuthal magnetic modesmazim = 0 (axisymmetric) ormazim = 1 (bisymmetric). The recent availability of newer, updated, higher quality data on galactic magnetism in the last two years makes it possible to consider anew the earlier, preliminary correlations or results on agents (triggers, catalysts, or indicators) of the magnetic field shapes.

This study confirms two possible correlations: between magnetic field shapemazim (0, or 1) versus neutralHi gas mass (high 7 × 109M, or low 1 × 109M), and betweenmazim (0, or 1) versus neutralHi gas distortion or archness VA (low 1 to 2, or high 3 to 4).

These confirmations are all the more astounding, because the best theories to date are based on turbulent dynamos which ignore the HI gas completely (current dynamo models rely on ionised HII gas).


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  • J. P. Vallée
    • 1
  1. 1.Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, National Research Council of CanadaJCMT GroupOttawa, OntarioCanada

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