Applied Physics A

, Volume 41, Issue 1, pp 39–60 | Cite as

Photoelectron spin-polarization spectroscopy: A new method in adsorbate physics

The model case of physisorbed rare gases
  • G. Schönhense
Surfaces, Interfaces, and Layer Structures


Energy-, angle-, and spin-resolved photoemission results from adsorbates are discussed. The measurements employed circularly polarized synchrotron radiation from BESSY, a special photoelectron spectrometer, and a Mott detector for electron spin-polarization (ESP) analysis. It is demonstrated by the example of physisorbed Xe, Kr, and Ar atoms how this method provides independent information complementary to intensity spectroscopy. Almost complete ESP parallel or antiparallel to the photon spin measured at certain conditions allowed a direct assignment of symmetries of electronic states. Sharp photon-inducednp→ n's resonances (ΔE<80 meV) have been observed, which show only small relaxation shifts compared to the gas phase. The ESP provided an unambiguous quantum-number labelling of the transitions and revealed an additional line splitting due to symmetry lowering on the surface. Photo-ESP spectroscopy is further demonstrated as to increase spectral resolution, to gain an insight into dynamical relaxation mechanisms of electronically excited adsorbates, and to be a sensitive probe of the “local” symmetry. A detailed discussion is given of line positions and ESP when going from a commensurate overlayer via an incommensurate monolayer and multilayers of different thickness onto a 3D rare-gas crystal.


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