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Dielectric properties of titanium and gadolinium doped MgO single crystals

  • M. D. Hossain
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The dielectric properties of titanium doped magnesium oxide (Ti/MgO) and gadolinium doped magnesium oxide (Gd/MgO) single crystals have been measured at room temperature over the frequency range 500 Hz to 50 kHz. For both the crystals, the dielectric constantɛ′ is found to be independent of frequency and the ac conductivity Re{σae} agrees well with the relation Re{σae}∫Ω n ,Ω being the angular frequency with n=0.84±0.05 for Ti/MgO andn=0.81±0.03 for Gd/MgO. The data fits well with the relationɛ″∫Ωn−1(n<1),ɛ″ being the dielectric loss factor. An explanation may be found on the basis of the hopping phenomenon.


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  • M. D. Hossain
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Applied Physics and ElectronicsUniversity of RajshahiBangladesh

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